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My design approach tries to oscillate gently between two realms – highly logical analyses and ephemeral ideas. I believe a magnetic idea will emerge by fusing two realms either harmoniously or contrastingly. Designing a house particularly call for emotions, especially designing one for someone you love. I read this book called ‘Home is where the heart is’. How do we define a home as such? What are desires and fears? In our heavily visual driven world where bodily senses are overwhelmed with illusions, incomprehensible noises and unwanted texts, can home offer an ultimate experience to reconnect with our lost selves? How do we inject deeper meaning back into domestic spaces? How do we tell our clients to look beyond skin-deep beauties that do not last?

Real & surreal… really?

Finally I uploaded three main projects completed in 2012 – see under Projects. The proposed car park building is still undergoing a major master planning reconsideration while two other refurbishment projects will start on site next month. Apart from running around from site to site, I was entirely absorbed by ‘Erotic’ installations performed by my second year students last week. At the end of the day, boundary between real and surreal projects begins to blur and switch. This is merely the beginning!


DSC_0639 copy

What has been happening

Yes, it is my fault to blame how busy I have been since my self-congratulatory blog in February. I have been so busy with two major projects running in parallel to each other. One of them unfortunately is now on hold since August just before tender began. The second project luckily is still on going despite of unforeseen delays. Site is located at Sathorn, a prime financial district where we will conserve and re-fit an existing 2-storey house built in the late 70s. As it will soon go into tender and submit to a competition, I will no longer hide it in my closet! Further than that, my latest adventure includes a part time teaching career at Year II Design Course for INDA at beginning of fall. INDA stands for International Program at Design Architecture, a wing of Chulalongkorn University Architecture Department. I found it enormously challenging and a probable most openly forward thinking architecture schools in the region. I will soon blog about my teaching and working experiences and how those two learning curves deviate and overlap simultaneously.

An Exciting New Partnership

Year 2012 is an exciting new year as we strengthen our presence in Thailand via a new partnership with Tomaryk Design Office, a local practice with over ten-year establishment in Thailand. Working closely with Krys Tomaryk and his team, we are able to deliver top quality design with greater efficiency. Happy New Year!

B House to start after Monsoon rain

B house will start on site after Monsoon season by end of this year. Thailand is experiencing her worst monsoon rainy season and many provinces are flooded. Our hearts go out to the victims.


Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Wine Cellar Interior Design

HHH Wine Cellar is currently in the final completion stage. The interior construction is nearly completed as we are now collaborating with videographer and graphics illustrator to fill the ‘white space’. The concept (as explained underĀ ‘Projects: HHH WIne Cellar & Bar) is to take the interior as a canvass to tell the story of wine making and wine appreciation. We encouraged the client to engage a young videographer who will shoot a 5 minute short clip of the vineyard from sun rise to sun set. His video will be the very first thing that will capture attention of the customer. Then we also asked client to engage a young talented illustrator who will turn walls, floors, ceilings and furniture into her storyboard. We can’t wait to see their finish products in the next two months.

B1 December 2010 Writeup of Sala

B1, an architecture publication from Thailand, featured Sala in the December 2010 issue.

Dec Guide Writeup of SALA Visitor Center

SALA Visitor Center Wins World Architecture Awards

World Architecture Award

World Architecture Award

We are proud to announce that Sala Visitor Center is one of the winners for 7th World Architecture Awards. More than 1000 projects were submitted from all over the world.

World Architecture Organization is a free and open platform where any architect is free to exhibit his or her works, be it built or conceptual, from any spot on earth. I m incredibly encouraged by such platform whereby a designer will not be judged by nationality or location of the project. Most of the so-called prestigious awards are either too expensive for young practice to participate or it is limited to nationality/locality. For someone like me where nationality, practice location, project location do not coincide, I am very much grateful of the opportunities given by WA.

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