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What has been happening

Yes, it is my fault to blame how busy I have been since my self-congratulatory blog in February. I have been so busy with two major projects running in parallel to each other. One of them unfortunately is now on hold since August just before tender began. The second project luckily is still on going despite of unforeseen delays. Site is located at Sathorn, a prime financial district where we will conserve and re-fit an existing 2-storey house built in the late 70s. As it will soon go into tender and submit to a competition, I will no longer hide it in my closet! Further than that, my latest adventure includes a part time teaching career at Year II Design Course for INDA at beginning of fall. INDA stands for International Program at Design Architecture, a wing of Chulalongkorn University Architecture Department. I found it enormously challenging and a probable most openly forward thinking architecture schools in the region. I will soon blog about my teaching and working experiences and how those two learning curves deviate and overlap simultaneously.

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