Soh Design Studio

Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Wine Cellar Interior Design

HHH Wine Cellar is currently in the final completion stage. The interior construction is nearly completed as we are now collaborating with videographer and graphics illustrator to fill the ‘white space’. The concept (as explained under ‘Projects: HHH WIne Cellar & Bar) is to take the interior as a canvass to tell the story of wine making and wine appreciation. We encouraged the client to engage a young videographer who will shoot a 5 minute short clip of the vineyard from sun rise to sun set. His video will be the very first thing that will capture attention of the customer. Then we also asked client to engage a young talented illustrator who will turn walls, floors, ceilings and furniture into her storyboard. We can’t wait to see their finish products in the next two months.

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