Soh Design Studio

B House

Retirement house

Overlooking breathtaking mountainous view, we were asked to design a single person retirement home on top of a small mountain. The brief asks for a small house comprising of two bedrooms and a living/dining room with maids quarter. It will be a single level building with minimum steps. Adapting Thai house concept, we split a single house into many small pavilions linked by terraces, gardens and walkways. A long swimming pool is the focus point upon entry and it unites the pavilions together. Each pavilion has a unique quality and theme such as ‘fragrant-spreading’ room, ‘mountainous view’ pavilion, ‘rain listening’ corner, ‘wind-chiming’ guest room. These themes are inspired by traditional Chinese garden design and we feel that these romantic qualities fit both the client and site very well. With a small budget, we are challenged to seek materials that are affordable, timeless and natural. Currently, we are exploring an unique method of constructing walls and floors from soil found on site. The project is under detail design stage.







Pak Chong, Thailand
Site Area
1000 square metre
Dr B
Nithya Priyan; Tomaryk Design Thailand Co. Ltd
Design Date
March 2010