Soh Design Studio

HHH Wine Cellar & Bar

Retail shop and restaurant


Located approximately 45 minutes from the vineyard in the heart of a tourist centre, HHH wine cellar has three functions – a wine retail shop, an open snack/wine bar and a tour counter for visitors to the vineyard.

As the main entrance is located in the middle, the shop is pragmatically divided into retail and seating area with centre being the bar and tour counter. Main design concept is to bring elements of vineyard into the shop and to take the interior as a canvass to tell the stories of wine making, particularly special to HHH vineyard.

Another main idea is to display wine as art, where each wine has its own space with a distance from another one and has own label to tell the final story, like a wine gallery.

When a visitor enters the shop, first to greet the eyes is a projected video above the tour counter/cashier. The captivating video is playing in continuous loop and it will show beautiful clips of HHH vineyard from sun rise to sun set. The video wall is surrounded by white painted walls that will be filled with vivid sketches from an artiest to tell the wine story. The canvas of narration stretches to the floor and ceilings.

We are currently working with artists for both the video and graphics. Using elements from the vineyard, the shop is decorated with vine plants, olive trees, rocks, soil sample, pruned branches and recycled wine bottles. Apart from natural materials, pine wood is the main and only finish to clad bar counter, shelves and window display sets. The wine gallery is a white wall with 50 individual shelves made to display wine separately. Window display sets are made of wine crates with imprinted house labels. Wine crates acts as a base for tall slender metal stands, like a candle stand, to display wine along the long glass facades.

Hua Hin, Thailand
Site Area
200 sqm
Siam Winery
OSS Architects & Engineers
Purethai Interior Contractor
Design Date
July 2010
Start Date
October 2010
Completion Date
December 2010