Soh Design Studio

HHH Wine Cellar & Bar

Located approximately 45 minutes from the vineyard in the heart of a tourist centre, HHH wine cellar has three functions – a wine retail shop, an open snack/wine bar and a tour counter for visitors to the vineyard. As the main entrance is located in the middle, the shop is pragmatically divided into retail and […]

SALA Visitor Center

Design Brief Our vision was to create a building to behold the impressive vineyard against backdrop of picturesque mountains. The design brief was to capture the beauty of traditional Thai architecture while remaining contemporary. Design Process There were two design impetus. Firstly, we were inspired by local building culture in terms of forms and materials. […]

Vivi Shoe Boutique

It was an experiment to create an alternative boutique experience whereby users unconsciously turn themselves into catwalk models while trying on gorgeous new pairs of shoes. The boutique is made of series of long linear platforms lit under spotlights. On the other side of the platforms are operable walls made of shoe boxes. With these […]

Loud Speaker

We wanted to revamp the image of a karaoke lounge that synchronizes with current pop culture and multimedia possibilities. The entertainment centre is a friendly venue for a family of 4 generations. Unlike a typical karaoke lounge with depressing buffet food hall and narrow corridors, the new entertainment centre is similar to an cinema open […]

Farmer's Market

The market was completed in one month to meet the increasing number of visitors following the success of our first building. With a small budget, we decided to build simple black and white structure with single pitch roof finished with natural grass thatch. It is our intent that all the vertical and hanging structure will […]


The existing winery facade was given a new identity using the most economical and efficient method – new paint with corporate colors and vineyard prints. A wine bar is proposed in one of its abandoned buildings using recycled wine bottles as main cladding material.