Soh Design Studio

Wall/Display Prototype

The idea of using abandoned wine bottles and turning them into an impossible work of art has become a main obsession. It started with a question of how to display bottles on a shelve that is also a wall. By combining two possibilities, a unexpected outcome is born by using just rusty mild steel structures […]

Boutique Resort

The boutique resort will sit on a scenic mountainous region with cool temperature and monsoon seasons. The brief includes a 100% self-sustainable energy system and a design structure built for natural ventilation. Design focuses intensively on wind pattern and how architecture can enhance air flow thus eliminating air conditioners completely. We are currently at schematic […]

T3 @ Heathrow Airport

Terminal 3 at Heathrow airport will be transformed into a sensory oasis where transit space is no longer a mere waiting area. Massage rooms, lap pool, sleep capsules, rooftop gym and underground restaurants are inserted into new T3 building.